Wednesday, May 15, 2013

13 useful shortcuts for Excel

Here are my favorite shortcuts for speeding my work in Excel.

     1.  Ctrl + * selects the entire table that contains data

     2.  Ctrl + Arrow Up / Down / Right / Left the selected cell jumps to last set of data in a table (Ctrl + Shift + Arrow/... to select the cells)

     3.  Ctrl + D copy the vale of the cell just above (Ctrl + R copy the value of the cell from left)

     4.  Alt, E, A, A delete the value and formatting of the selected cell or cells *)

     5.  Alt, D, F, F create a filter list *)

     6.  Ctrl + H replace values

     7.  Ctrl + : insert the current date (Ctrl + Shift + : insert the current time)

     8.  Ctrl + T transform a set of data into a table

     9.  Ctrl + 1 gets you to the format cells dialog box

    10. Ctrl + Shift + F3 create names from selection (Ctrl + F3 to display the Name Manager)

    11. Ctrl + Page Down / Page Up scrolls through sheets

    12. Alt + Arrow Down display a drop down list of all the entries above

    13. Alt + F2 insert a comment (double press Esc to exit comment box)

*) do not enter the comma just press the characters in the right order

What shortcuts can’t you live without?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Excel automatic hyperlink - How to remove it or change the way it’s displayed

When writing in excel something like an email address or web page address excel automatically converts it to a hyperlink. When this happens the font color is changed to blue and an underline appears under the hyperlink. Once you click it the blue changes to a pale purple red.

You can address the problem in two ways