Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Download Youtube video or audio free

If you are searching for video or audio Youtube downloader check out DVD Video Soft. The programs are great and free. You can find there not just youtube to MP3 or Video converter but a lot of other programs.

Download mp3 format

If you want to download only the audio from Youtube the simplest solution is Free YouTube to MP3 Converter.
Download the software and install it, it is free.
After you install it go to Youtube, find the desired video and copy paste the link in Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. The software is able to save in different file formats and different quality settings. The only inconvenient are a few adds.
Another solution would be installing a software like Audacity, and recording the audio from the stream. The minus to this solution is the fact that you actually have to play the video and let Audacity record the audio (it's like copying cassette tapes)
There are online solution for converting a video stream to audio but not as good or fast as the program provided by DVD Soft.

Downloading video format

If you need the video as well then go for Free YouTube Download. It works the same way as the YouTube to MP3 Converter. Just copy paste the link into the program and when ready press Download.
Are there better free software out there ?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great small portable games

I'm a user and a big fan of portable apps. Just putting all the useful stuff on a thumb drive an having it everywhere you go is incredible. Between the useful programs, I have on the thumb drive I have also some great games. I sometimes kill time by playing the coolest and smallest games ever made. Being portable makes them more appealing. You don't need to be connected to the internet to enjoy all of the below games presented. You just need to have a thumb drive (nothing fancy).

Friday, August 15, 2014

Better ebook pc reading experience

For a good reading experience on the pc, you first need to find a pc reader software, preferably one that has a library management. To help you choose one or more, take a look at: Best ebook reader software for pc. You can use if you have the ebooks in .pdf or .rtf format, software already installed on the pc like Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word.

To make the experience of reading a book on the screen of the computer you need to make the reading as comfortable as possible for your eyes.

Zenith Z-19, photo by Ajmexio

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Best ebook reader software for pc

To enjoy the experience of reading books on the pc you need first to find a desktop ebook reader that suits your needs. Finding the perfect ebook reader is difficult. The feel of paper in the hands, or the smell, for many readers is something that can’t be replaced.

The ebook readers for pc that made my list are:
Adobe digital edition
Cool reader 3
Sumatra PDF reader