Thursday, January 10, 2019

Moleskine digital pen

I do not always have to run through the airport to get in time for the flight, so I had the time to visit a Moleskine store.
The first thing that caught my eye was the Moleskine digital pen and notebook.
Moleskine digital set
The set costs 229 EUR and you get the pen and a notebook. The digital pen works only together with this notebooks so you can write on anything and get the thing digitalized (or at least this was the claim of the seller). The pen has a replaceable cartridge, that can be easily swapped when it runs out of ink. The pencil connects through Bluetooth to send the digital version of your writing. The pen has a tip that tries to mimic a fountain pen. Its shape makes it pretty comfortable in hand.
The minus I see is that the pen requires a little pressure to record in a digital version what you write. If you just make a fine line on the paper there is a chance that it will not be recorded integrally.
As cool as this thing is I do not think this is the future of the pen. Somehow for me, it seems a bit outdated. A few years ago this was the coolest new thing, taking notes and having them digitalized instantly.
But now I think there are better options. As a student, you could use a tablet to take all the notes, which is small and compact. Or you could still use the classic pen and paper and scan or even better, use the phone to scan the documents and digitalize everything.
Phones are getting so much, and cameras on them start to be decent. For a long time now I stopped scanning documents. I just take a picture, and there are a ton of apps free and paid to straighten the paper, crop the excess, ocr the writing and so on.
Plus you can scan this way any kind of paper.
pokemon, harry potter, moleskine, notebook
Pokemon and Harry Potter Moleskine notebooks
Of course, this is what I think, and I could be totally wrong about it. I would be really curious to see the impressions of people who own and use digital pens.