Friday, February 24, 2017

DIY Party game Telestration

DYI telestration fun drawing party game

This one is the bomb of party games. Why? Because it's hilarious.

What is Telestration?
It is a game that is a combination between telephone and illustration, so the name Telestration.
You draw, guess, draw guess and at the end of the round, you will find that laughing can be painful.

What do I need to play Telestration?
Because this is a DIY here is a list of things needed for the game.
First, you require a bunch of cards with things that you have to draw. The more abstract the definition, the more fun the game will be.
A good starting point is Cards Against Humanity (white cards). If you do not have the game, you can print the cards on standard paper and cut them. You can find the .pdf on the internet. Of course, you can add your own cards in or create your set of cards.
Second thing needed is paper, a notebook would be great. One for every person playing. If you really like the game and want to play over and over again, I suggest buying a whiteboard foil and making notebooks out of it, so you can reuse it every game. The cost of the whiteboard foil, markers, notebook on which to stick the foil, cutter, and other small things will be around $30 for 10 notebooks.
Third thing, you will need something to draw with

How do you play Telestration?
The more, the merrier. Everyone starts with a notebook and takes a card from the pack without showing it to anybody else. You start a timer for 1 minute, and everyone has to draw what is on the card, without using letters or numbers. Once the timer runs up, you sign the drawing and pass it to the left, or right for that matter, as it doesn't make a difference. The notebooks will travel in a circle, reaching each player. Just keep the same direction for the entire game. The player next to you will see your drawing, then will flip the page and will write what the drawing represents. At the same time, you will receive a notebook and will do the same thing, using the 1-minute timer for each of these rounds of drawing or guessing. Then the notebook is passed to the next player in line. The next player in line will only see the thing the previous person wrote, not the initial drawing, and will have to make a drawing based on the previous person guess. The notebooks are passed like this, each time the players will see only what the player before them wrote or drew, and each of these rounds will be timed, 1 minute. You will keep guessing and drawing until finally the notebook you started with will end up in your possession again.

Once you have your starting notebook, the game is over and each player tells the story of his notebook. Taking turns, players will reveal to the group the card they started with, and they based the drawing on and the evolution of the guessing and drawing.
This is the real fun part of the game, laughing and making fun of the drawings and guesses.

There are no losers to the game, only winners because everyone will have a great time.

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