Thursday, June 13, 2024

The hunt for german fountain pens in a german airport

I had a layover in Germany and thought I should make good use of the time there. I started by visiting the terminals, going at every gate, trying the different sits and escalators. After the tour was complete I looked for a a souvenir, something to bring back home.. So naturally I started looking for stationary stuff.

Being in Germany I hoped to find some good deals from the German brands like Faber Castell or Lamy.

First found was the Lamy Safari. It was in a generic shop that also sells magazines, books, pillows for travel and gummy bears.

The price was not bad but it definitely wasn't a deal. Also I am not really a fan of the Lamy grip section so I continued my search.

Not to my surprise I spent quite a time wondering through the airport to find a better supplied store.

By luck I found the Fabriano Boutique

This is a dedicated stationary store, and it had more options but not much more. The windows were very tastefully decorated, Lamy Safari and some notebooks being the stars of the show.

I expected the inside of the store to have much more diversity when it comes to pencils and fountain pens. The majority of the products were Lamy Safari and it's wide range of colors and a few Faber Castell pens and ball points.

In the end I chose to bring as souvenir some chocolate, as I didn't found any deals on the German pens.

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