Thursday, July 10, 2014

DIY Phone and Tablet Stand

I have planned for a long time to build a phone stand. I feel it is very practical: at home or at the office.
Because I was postponing the build of the stand for some time I chose the path of paper. My first origami project. I was ambitious at first but the final result was ... not so good. It was simple to make, it holds the phone in place, it did as was advertised, but after less than a week with the origami stand on my desk, I abandoned the idea of holding the phone with an A4 sheet of paper. I just wanted something more cool and solid.
(If you are interested in an origami stand you can find good tutorials on google and youtube)
Finally, I found the time and willingness to do it.

Prototype #1 is out :
phone tablet stand diy metal

Even though is not perfect I consider it awesome. I just love the metallic feel and look.

- stands on a desk, table, or flat surface
- it can hold a phone or a tablet in portrait or landscape mode, or two phones in portrait mode
- it keeps the phone at a good angle, which allows you to see the screen without having to raise the phone from the desk

I built the phone stand from a scrap zinc plated 0.7 steel sheet. I used this material because is sturdy, durable and it was available to me.
As I said it is not perfect. Due to the lack of tools the bends and the cuts are not the best you have seen, also the thickness of the steel sheet made it more difficult to get the bends perfect. Another issue could be the fact that the stand is not as tall as the phone is in portrait mode. Because of this and the lack of friction between the metal sheet and the plastic case of the phone if you touch the phone in the speaker area when is laying in portrait mode it will slip from the stand.
The project took 30 minutes to complete. With a vice, the time would have been a lot shorter.
In the near future a new design, better looking, will be released

Phone/Tablet desk stand - photo shoot

phone tablet stand diy
phone tablet stand diy

PS. You can tell when a product is successful when everyone is copying it (more or less).
30 minutes after releasing Phone and Tablet desk stand Prototype #1, somebody from the office borrowed the idea of making a phone stand.

This phone stand stays in place by slipping it under the monitor's leg. The face is covered with an adhesive rubbery material.


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