Friday, June 7, 2019

Gutberlet manufacturer of mechanical pencils for Rotring and Staedtler?

Fact: In 1995 Gutberlet GmbH acquired the rights to the Kaweco name.
Enter the Gutberlet site and you are welcomed by an outdated, plain looking site of an unknown manufacturer.
If you look at the products you are up for a treat
"Components for pens – technical components – decoration foils / heat-transfer-foils – packaging – OEM-production for pens."

"Push pencil aluminium with 0,3/0,5/0,7 und 0,9mm leads"

rOtring Tikky T (first version)
rOtring Esprit

Staedtler 925 25 03
Staedtler 925 05 and Staedler 925 65

Staedtler and Rotring

All of the images were taken from the Goultberg presentation portfolio link

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  1. I'm not totally sure, but I think rather than Gutberlet being the actual pencil manufacturer themselves, it's more a case of them being the representative of the actual manufacturer.

  2. I have to say I did not thought about this, and this could be a valid situation. The representative or even a big distributor that offers components from a number of producers. This raises the question do they assemble ?
    The web page is quite vague about what they do. In Components for pens / Metal clips they state "We produce exclusive clip models for a huge number of pen manufacturers."
    And in OEM production pens "Besides our standard range we furthermore design individual pens on customer's request"


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