Friday, September 6, 2019

Italic mechanical pencil

I am sure this is not the proper way of presenting this mechanical pencil but for me is a first. I never saw a flat, "italic", mechanical pencil lead.
I guess it is very good for tests where you have to highlight the right answer, or when you pick the lottery numbers
I found this no name pencils on Aliexpress and I am wondering what are the applications for these leads. From what I found out Zebra has a similar mechanical pencil. And at some point in time, Faber Castell had a flat lead holder.
In the picture below with Faber Castell on the lead box (product number 9040), it is marketed as "Flat drawing leads"


  1. Looks like calligraphy pen tips

    1. that's a good point, didn't thought about calligraphy as I thought everyone uses fountain pens or even better dip pens.

  2. Before thin lead mecvhanical pencils were popular, these flat leads were used to draw long lines of consistent widths without needing to sharpen the lead or pencil. They were help perpendicular to the paper surface. They saved time and waste. After thin lead mechanical pencils became popular the old flat leadholders went out of production. Those newer flat lead 2mm plastic pencils seem to be marketed for test filling and art mainly? Edd

  3. I believe the 'Flat Lead' Leadholders were mainly used for a drafting technique known as 'Lofting' and best described in Wiki. I possess several different 'Flat Lead' Leadholders made by Fedra, Mira, Faber-Castell, Keuffel & Esser and a plastic Japanese model similar to your picture. 0zmac

  4. It sounds that you have a very nice flat lead holder collection. Thank you Ozmac for your comment and for the information shared.