Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Q&Q sport watch review

A short review of the following sports watches form Q&Q (M102J001Y | M010001 |M010J001Y)

Until now to time my laps I used the phone, but since Sunday, I have a running watch. I chose a Q&Q 150 lap memory watch from Q&Q.

q&q sports running watch 150 laps digital
Q&Q M102J001Y 150 memory lap

The looks:
It is a big watch measuring 50 mm from side to side, 45 from buckle to buckle, and 14 mm thickness. The watch is all plastic except for the back case which is made out of stainless steel.
The watch displays the date, and day name, hh:mm:ss. The font used is big, and the letters are quite thick so you will see them with ease while running.
It is a nice looking watch with a simple design, big display and easy to use.

The watch has the following modes:
When cycling through the modes there is a beep (it's not possible to silence it). A nice touch, when you get back at TIME mode there is a different beep. This way you don't need to look at the watch to reset the mode to time.

Chronometer and Data:
The most important feature of the watch for me is the chronometer and data mode. It can save up to 150 splits. You can leave the chronometer going while going to other modes of the watch.
When you press Lap button the watch pauses the time of the split and tells you the split number for a little while. In Chronometer mode you don't have access to lap times. For lap time you need to go to Data where with up and down right buttons you can navigate through split and lap time. The reset/stop button acts as a shortcut to get you back to chronometer.
The minus is the fact that when you stop the Chronometer the last time is not saved into data (it's not considered a split).

In this category the watch fells short. It only has 1 timer and has no auto repeat function on it.

Alarms and Dual time:
The watch has 5 daily alarms, that can be set at different hours. It doesn't have snooze option for them.
The dual time is straightforward, you can set a different time zone on the watch.

Water resistant 10 bar
150 memory lap
1 timer (nonrepeatable)
dual time
5 alarms

New impressions after 1 year of wear and tear: Q&Q sport watch review update
Update 2:
The end of the watch, 2 years after buying it: Q&Q 2nd review

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