Monday, June 16, 2014

Q&Q sport watch review update

After 1 year with the Q&Q sports watch, I came back with a photo session and impressions.

qq running watch sports laps

The glass is a soft plastic that is easy to scratch. I collected a few scratches on it but they are very hard to spot. You can see the scratches at close inspection or in certain light but in regular use the watch looks brand new.

qq running watch sports laps with big font
The writing did not fade and looks as good as it looked in its first day.

sport digital watch night mode qq running watch sports laps
The light is green, very easy to read the watch and the power of it does not bother in a dark room. The light works in all the menus except in DATA. This is one of the things I do not like. The light button changes function in this menu and becomes scroll down. If you run in the evening you can't scroll through the laps and see how you are doing from lap to lap (you can but you'll not see the laps). In the end this is a sport watch, and this is why i consider it falling short.

sport digital watch splitsport digital watch lap
sport digital watch alarm
sport digital watch timersport digital watch chrono
The numbers are very big and easy to read. The watch served me well during my first official run, a 42 km marathon (4h 25min the time at the end of the marathon, not too good but it is proof that everyone with the desire can do it, next marathon will be a lot faster).

The watch keeps very good time, + 3 to 5 seconds per month.

The end of the watch, 2 years after buying it: Q&Q 2nd review

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