Friday, August 15, 2014

Better ebook pc reading experience

For a good reading experience on the pc, you first need to find a pc reader software, preferably one that has a library management. To help you choose one or more, take a look at: Best ebook reader software for pc. You can use if you have the ebooks in .pdf or .rtf format, software already installed on the pc like Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word.

To make the experience of reading a book on the screen of the computer you need to make the reading as comfortable as possible for your eyes.

Zenith Z-19, photo by Ajmexio

Change the background color of the document.

Most of the programs allow changing the background color of the document. Find a neutral color for the background that reduces eye strain. The black letters on the white background are stressing your eyes if you read for a long time. I use a pale yellowish background to reduce the contrast.

Reduce the contrast and brightness of the monitor

The high contrast and high brightness settings on a monitor can make an image or video pop up, but it is harsh for the eyes. Reduce the brightness of the monitor (35-55) depending on the environment. In a dark room keep the monitor brightness as low as possible. For a well light room increase the brightness a bit.
The contrast should be at the point where you can clearly see the text but the difference between the text and the background is not too big.

Keep a background lamp on during the night.

Do not rely only on the light provided by the screen. The problem is with the high contrast between the dark room and the bright monitor. This creates more eye fatigue. To solve it keep a light on that will create an equal light intensity in the background of the monitor.
If reading at night you can use a small program called f.lux. It is not for everybody but give it a try. Install it and use it for a few days for adjustment to the red hew.

Increase the size of the font

The beauty of ebooks that are in formats like .epub .mobi .rft and other extensions is that you can increase the font size. A bigger font will create less fatigue on the eyes. Adjust the distance between rows and keep the rows short (split the screen in 2 pages for example). If you have a monitor with a swivel stand you can place the monitor in portrait mode.

Take reading brakes often

Keeping your eyes on the screen for long periods of time is harmful. Give them time to relax. Every 20 minutes of reading take a small break where you look in the distance, keep your eyes closed or just not focus on close objects. Also, use this break for extra blinking.
When you sit in front of a monitor people tend to forget to blink.
I recommend Fade top and Rest reminder.
Both are small programs under 1 Mb. Fade top has a portable version also, and Rest reminder does not require installation so it's portable as well.

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