Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pelikan Erase, erasable pen

I don't understand why is there a need for a pen that can be erased instead of using a pencil, but for the sake of the test let's go on with the Pelikan erase

TEST #1: Writing
pelikan erase, erasable pen

Writing with the pen feels creamy, but the ink is not coming out with consistency. If you take a look at the picture above you can see numerous parts of the text where the pen skipped, or where the line density is different from normal.

TEST #2: Line
pelikan erasable pen
From this comparison, it can be said that the line is not consistent. The darkness of the ink is similar to a regular ballpoint pencil. Thickness is medium

TEST #3: Feel
Pelikan erase is made out of plastic. It has a rubber grip. The pen sits comfortably in hand. The grip is not round, the pen has a notch for a more comfortable hold. The pen has a push mechanism and an eraser at the end just like a mechanical pencil.
The rubber grip is bad, it feels sticky. 

TEST #4: Erase
Erasing the writing is very easy. Any of the tested erasers removed all lines without trouble.
So it works. The erasable pen is actually erasable.

 This is something that a pencil can do just as good, actually better. I say better thinking on line consistency.

Moving on to the last test. 

pelikan erasable pensmudge test

TEST #5: Smudge
In the test alongside Pelikan Erase, I used Rotring HB 0,5 and 0,9, unknown 2B 0,5 lead for comparison. 
The softer 2B lead should be the one who smudges the most.
The test offers a good news and a bad one. The good news is that the ink of Pelikan Erase does not smudges.
The bad news is that the ink is not able to remain on the paper if you drag your hand over it, the ink will get on your hands and the paper will be erased.
So this is why the eraser test was such a success. Anything can erase the ink, you don't need an eraser or a sweaty hand.
After this test, I can clearly say that the pen does not work and is useless.

Conclusion: Do not buy the Pelikan Erase

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