Monday, March 23, 2015

Pentel Energel on the screen

Watching the tv series Better Call Saul, I spotted a Pentel Energel pen. For you that do not know, Better Call Saul is a sideshow of Breaking Bad, on AMC. It presents the background of Saul Goodman the lawyer in Breaking Bad, his efforts of creating a name for himself, establishing a legitimate practice,  and the interaction with different characters that made a mark in Breaking Bad. In the 6th episode, Mike is the star. His background as an ex cop is under the spotlight, how did he end up in Albuquerque, and what made him leave the uniform for the criminal life.
Seven episodes into the life of Saul Goodman and I can say is a great show. Give it a try, especially if you enjoyed Breaking Bad.
Back to the pen spot.

Mike is interviewed by two cops regarding the death of two of his cop colleagues. He is the prime suspect.

One of the police officers is taking notes using a Pentel Energel pen.

Better Call Saul pentel pen mike interview

It is very hard to see the exact pen but the distinctive look makes me believe that this is the pen. The cap, rubberized grip, grey color, 3 darker color stripes on the opposite side of the pocket clip, conical metallic tip, metallic pocket clip
Better Call Saul pentel pen mike interview
In this picture, most of the pen is masked by the hand which holds it, but you can still see the rubber grip, the metallic conical tip, the gray color of the barrel and the stripes on the back of it.
Better Call Saul pentel pen mike interview

Same picture with a little bit of zoom
Better Call Saul pentel pen mike interview
Even though the quality of the picture is not the best it is possible to see the color scheme of the pen and the shape of the barrel and of the pocket clip

 And a few more pictures for the fun of it.
Better Call Saul pentel pen mike interview

Better Call Saul pentel pen mike interview

The official pictures and details of the pen can be found on Pentel Store. It is priced at 3.49 $
I own the mechanical version of the product Pentel Energize. Because I have never used the pen just the pencil I can not comment on the quality of it.
What I can tell you is that the mechanical pencil Pentel Energize is a great cheap general purpose writing pencil. It has an automatic led advance mechanism that really works, and a retractable tip. It sits comfortably in hand and the rubber grip is above average. When I say this you need to take into account that usually I hate rubber grip on writing instruments. 
I don't know how but I managed to find the mechanical pencil below 1$, at this price is a steal.
pentel mechanical pencil automatic

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