Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Vintage Lanco wrist watch

17 RUBIES INCABLOC, handwind lanco mechanical vintage wrist watchI have recently bought another watch from eBay, this time a Lanco mechanical hand wind wrist watch for which I paid 9 $, shipping included.
Lanco is a brand of Langendorf Watch Company, which was a large Swiss watch company founded in 1873. The Langendorf Watch Company was bought in 1965 by SSIH (Societe suisse pour l'industrie horlogere SA), a holding under which many other companies existed. In 1973 SSIH reached it's peak selling approx. 13.6 million timepieces, of which 70 percent where pin lever watches. The Japanese inexpensive quartz watches became the main rival of SSIH (quartz was a fearful competitor to the majority of mechanical watches). At the end of 70's the holding was in financial trouble. In 1983 the ASUAG and SSIH merged forming SMH (Swiss Corporation for microelectronics and watchmaking industries LTD). This created the largest watchmaking company. Both ASUAG and SSIH where holding companies, so the merger took a few years to implement. In 1998 the company changed the name to Swatch Group.

I would say that the watch is from 65 - 70 time period. It has a 33 mm diameter without crown and 39 mm from lug to lug. It is a mechanical hand wind 17 jewels movement, with incabloc technology.
Incabloc is one of many systems to offer shock protection to the balance staff. The technology was developed in 1934.

The watch has a metallic dial (from what I can tell) with a nice finish to it. The writing on the dial is in black. The Lanco trademark with the Lanco name beneath, 17 rubies incabloc, and Swiss T made. The Lanco name is very clear but the rest of the writing is in a smaller font and the B or R are not very clear. Also, a strange thing is that on the dial it says 17 Rubies but on the mechanism, it says 17 jewels.
Even though is a small watch by today's standards the 33 mm diameter fits well on my wrist (but I have a small wrist)
The strap is cheap in feel and looks, black "leather".
vintage mechanical wristwatch

With the back opened I can remark that the mechanism is not in the greatest condition, and there are 2 metal rings to make the mechanism fit in the case.
vintage mechanical watch handwind lanco inside


A Business History of the Swatch Group: The Rebirth of Swiss Watchmaking and the Globalization of the Luxury Industry - By Pierre-Yves DonzĂ©, Palgrave Connect 


  1. Nice got one exactly the same just getting a new quality leather strap for my one