Sunday, November 17, 2019

Celebrating 100 posts on Paper and Digital

Paper and Digital has reached a milestone, One Hundred Posts.
It was very cool to see the number of posts was getting closer to the 100 mark but I didn't had a clear idea of what to do to celebrate it.
At first, I was just curious about what will the 100th post be (something random) as I was not preparing something for the occasion.
Then I started working on an interesting post, which has a good amount of research, to mark the milestone. But after the post was developing I thought I want it published later because the content itself was more interesting than a random number I decided to celebrate.

More or less this will be about me and the blog's journey.

I have started the blog in 2013 on the 18th of August, 6 years ago (74 months or 2282 days ago), with a blog post about slide rulers. I started the blog a bit eclectic, and with time I tried disciplining myself to stay in the stationary genre and not drift everywhere. It doesn't work all the time, but it is an ongoing process. It is so difficult because I find joy in a lot of things like: bicycles, wristwatches, knives, among many other things.

In the last year, I have put a little more time into it and posted more and with regularity. This shows in the traffic which has increased even if the numbers are on the low side.
My motivation comes from the fact that I like writing instruments, especially mechanical pencils and this is great that I haven't gotten discouraged or lost the interest over time.

For the future, I wish to improve the content that gets out. I would like to make better posts with more interesting content and better pictures.

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