Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Preview Koh-I-Noor hunt

souvenir bag koh i noor
This little bag contains the souvenirs which I brought back from my visit to Prague. This and a bag with a few boxes of chocolate that I forgot at the airport. 
The good part about the times we live in is, when someone spots an unattended bag in an airport, the security gets alerted immediately.
The story in a few lines: I went through the security check, just to realize that I am one bag short. I went back to see if I can find it on the bench I waited before. Of course, the bag wasn't there anymore I so I just went through security a second time. While going through the second security check I heard my name through the airport's loudspeakers. The bag was waiting for me at the gate. I got the chocolate back and a nice story to go with it.
If the bag would have been full of beer instead of chocolate I don't think I would've been so lucky :)

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